Heritage Day 2016

Today we celebrate our shared heritage,

through smiles and tears,

the ache of the past and the hopes of today and tomorrows yet unborn.

Today we share our Africans-ness,

our blood enmeshed within each other

– bright red thumping through countless veins,

reminding us of the spirit of ubuNtu – I am because we are,

we are because of each other,

fellow travellers through the travails of life, seeking not riches nor title,

seeking the bright sunshine of peace banishing the darkness of strife.

We are one people, myriad hues of the rainbow enveloping us all,

lending a hand to each other,

each time we stumble, every time we fall.


I am the hope that soars, high above our shared African lands

– a hope that skips over rainbows, the hope that trudges over the horrors of yesterday.

I am hope,

smiling through tears that stain the soil, the hope that echoes across the valleys and plains,

I am the hope of days to come.

I am hope, thud-thudding in countless hearts, lost at times amidst the detritus of history.

I am hope.

embrace me, do not turn me away,

hug me as I yearn to hug you. cherish me as I do you.

I am hope. I will prevail.

Afzal Moolla

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