HOPES AND DREAMS THAT SOUND LIKE YOURS – Stories of Queer Activism in Sub-Saharan Africa

BULELANI MZILA, South Africa, Illustration by Khanya Kemani

In a new anthology, 20 human rights defenders from Sub-Saharan Africa share their activist journeys and reveal what inspires their fight for LGBTIQ equality.

More often than not, “making-of ” queer stories are characterised by experiences of hardship and pain, of rejection and discrimination. But the stories in this anthology, though sometimes difficult to confront, all come with messages of hope.

While some are deeply personal stories of self-discovery and acceptance, others chart the challenges LGBTIQ rights groups face in discriminatory environments. Common to all is the dreams for a better tomorrow.

Queer and ally artists bring each story to life with original illustrations. The result is a beautiful archive and powerful anthology of resilience.

>>Bulelani Mzila,  Pietermaritzburg,  South Africa



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  1. Dear Ben,

    Many thanks for your info about the new ebook “Hopes And Dreams That Sound Like Yours”.

    I have read the first two stories and am impressed by the courage and stamina of the authors.

    In the Roman Catholic Church, that I belong to, there is currently a sense of departure, triggered by #outinchurch:
    and the work of “The Synodal Path”

    I hope that the results will contribute to the respect of human rights in the Roman Catholic Church one day.

    I now shared a copy of the ebook mentioned above on the website of “Queergottesdienst Karlsruhe”:

    Thanks for your work!

    Best regards,
    Markus Müller


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