Afzal Moolla: “Africa” _ “The African Winds”



A Poem by Afzal Moolla



I am the blood, coursing through its veins, thumping boldly, the heartbeat of Africa.


I am the sands, sweeping across its deserts, mingling in the soil of Africa.


I am the waters, raging through its rivers, quenching the thirst of Africa.


I am the air, soaring above its lands, breathing life across Africa.


I am the sighs of generations past, brutalised into slavery from the plundered homes in Africa.


I am the words, imbibed in its being, deeply etching a shared yearning, in the daughters and sons of Africa.


I am the mountains, majestic sentinels watching over the children of Africa.


I am the spirit, of ancestors long gone, enveloping the vastness of Africa.


“I am because you are”*.


I am Africa.



*- uBuntu is a South African philosophical concept that espouses “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”








The African Winds


A Poem by Afzal Moolla 


I am the winds of Africa.


I am the winds whispered by the ancients of the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela,


the winds that have heard the murmurs of the ancestors at Great Zimbabwe.



I am the winds of the Upemba,

I am the winds resting at Mapungubwe,

I am the winds above Giza,


I am the winds of the Songhai,

I am the winds of the Djenné-Djenno,

I am the winds of the Numidia,


I have breathed across these lands,

these lands have breathed into me.



I have witnessed colonialists carving up my continent,


I have heard screams of mothers and children,


I have seen the slave-ships set sail,


I carry the memories of my people manacled, and bound in chains. 



I have heard the shrieks of my people,

I have seen my lands plundered,


I have borne witness to murder,

to oppression,

to tyranny,


I have caressed far too many bruised bodies, 

I have dried far too many mothers tears. 



I am the winds of Africa. 


I embrace the hope my people carry,

I feel it thud-thudding in their veins,


I encompass my lands bathed with renewed spirit each dawn, 


I encompass my lands infused with hope each morn.



I am the winds of Africa.




2023 CopyLeft Afzal Moolla

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