Neville Alexander (1936-2012)

Neville Alexander [22.10.1936 - 27.08.2012]

Neville Edward Alexander war ein südafrikanischer Linguist und Mitkämpfer Nelson Mandelas gegen das Apartheidregime.


One Azania, One Nation: The national question in South Africa (1979)

Three Essays on Namibian History (1983)

Sow the Wind: Contemporary speeches (1985)

Education and the Struggle for National Liberation in South Africa: Essays and speeches (1985 – 1989)

Language Policy and National Unity in South Africa/Azania (1989)

Some Are More Equal Than Others: Essays on the transition in South Africa (1993)

Robben Island Prison Dossier, 1964 – 1974: Report to the International Community (1994)

English Unassailable but Unattainable: The Dilemma of Language Policy in South African Education (1999)

Foreword to IsiBophezelo SeNhlangano YamaKhomanisi, isiZulu edition of The Communist Manifesto (2002)

The African Renaissance and the Use of African Languages in Tertiary Education (2003)

The Impact of the Hegemony of English on Access to, and Quality of, Education, with Special Reference to South Africa (2005)

The Potential Role of Translation as Social Practice for the Intellectualisation of African Languages (2005)

Racial Identity, Citizenship and Nation Building in Post-Apartheid South Africa (2006)

Evolving African Approaches to the Management of Linguistic Diversity (2008)

Afrikaans as a Language of Reconciliation, Restitution and Nation Building (2009)

South Africa: An unfinished revolution? (2010)

Audio Recordings

Workers Organization for Socialist Action (WOSA) statement on the 1997 Conference for Socialism (1997) [mp3]



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